Community and Public Health


Focusing on health promotion and disease prevention, the national health initiatives and health challenges across the lifespan and ethnocentricity are explored through an online approach. Interdisciplinary collaboration and resources provide an additional foundation. Topics covered include epidemiology of disease, environmental factors, both natural and man-made, community issues impacting patient and public health and safety, allocation of medical resources, private and public social service organizations that advocate and assist patients with health care needs and the health challenges and initiatives to address America's top medical concerns - Healthy People. The cultural backgrounds of patients, communities, public health needs, and the disparities in healthcare delivery are explored. Assignments emphasize the impact of age, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation on the community, interdisciplinary providers, and health care delivery. Further integration of these factors with the concepts of health promotion, disease prevention, interdisciplinary collaboration, and cultural disparities demonstrates the complexity of medical care in the United States. (Cultural Diversity,Writing Enriched ) Summer Only.

2 Credits: 2 Lecture