Community Health Nursing


Examination of the theoretical bases of community nursing, community health issues and the role of nursing in providing care to individuals, families, and groups in the community. The role of preventive and promotive health teaching for individuals, families and the community is addressed. Application of theory takes place through several community-based projects and the opportunity for students to design portions of the clinical experience, under the direction of the instructor. Course assignments focus on development of environmental awareness and its relationship to health, group perspective and associated nursing interventions. Issues related to epidemiology, health policy, community resources, and the nursing process as related to community health issues (e.g., program planning, family health, public health, and home care) are addressed in classroom and/or clinical experiences. Clinical observations and preceptor guided clinical experiences are required. Written and oral communication skills receive intensive emphasis. 4 Credits (2 Lecture - 6 Lab) Corequisite(s): NUR303 and NUR330 and NUR340 and NUR352 or NUR311.


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