Discussion-oriented introduction to selected current nursing issues. Study includes a comparison/contrast of selected health care needs of consumers of all ages with diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds and developmental needs. Emphasis on applying leadership and management principles, and examining team building and interdisciplinary communication skills needed to become competent in the nursing profession. The nursing process is applied to legal and ethical problems. Caregiver concerns are highlighted through an analysis of Internet-based educational materials for this group of health care consumers. Course work also includes evaluation of evidence-based nursing literature. The course encourages the continuing development of professional behaviors that are needed to help enhance personal and professional growth. (Formerly NUR283) 2 Credits (2 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): BIO125 and NUR183 and PSY203 or BIO125 and NUR223 or BIO125 and NUR181 and PSY203. Corequisite(s): BIO201 and NUR214 and NUR270 and NUR286 or BIO201 and NUR214 and NUR271 and NUR286. Fall Only.