Psychosocial Nursing


Knowledge from the biological, social, and nursing sciences is used to display effective use of the nursing process when providing evidence-based nursing care to health care consumers exhibiting psychosocial health problems. Appropriate modes of communication are put into practice to establish a therapeutic nurse-client relationship and interaction with the health care team. Course work includes constructing health teaching plans to help consumers to identify their coping responses and maximize their strengths to deal with everyday life. A comparison of Web-based resources provides appropriate evidence-based nursing information to guide nursing care and to support consumers with psychosocial needs. Professional behaviors are enhanced and displayed when working with consumers and the interdisciplinary health care team. (Formerly NUR282) 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab) Prerequisite(s): BIO201 and NUR214 and NUR273 and NUR286 or BIO201 and NUR219 and NUR283 and NUR284 and NUR285. Corequisite(s): CSC124 and NUR229 and NUR270 and SOC111 or CSC124 and NUR229 and NUR271 and SOC111. Spring Only.