Advanced Masonry Principles


Continuation of Masonry Principles, focusing on advanced methods and applications of concrete block and brick construction. 5 Credits (2 Lecture - 9 Lab) Prerequisite(s): BCT234.

Stone Masonry


Working knowledge of stone construction as related to the masonry industry. Types of stone, application, reinforcing and joint finishes are discussed and practiced. 2 Credits (1 Lecture - 3 Lab) Prerequisite(s): MCT115 and MCT129 or BCT234.

Fireplace Construction


Fundamentals of fireplace construction. Study includes the types and designs of fireplaces as well as fire box and flue liner ratios, prefabricated chimney construction and various finishes. 3 Credits (1 Lecture - 6 Lab) Prerequisite(s): MCT115 and MCT129 or BCT234. Corequisite(s): MCT233.

Structural Masonry Systems


Masonry construction as related to its structural purposes in building construction. Applications include composite masonry, cavity walls, various commercial applications, and the overall factors that influence the use of masonry products for structural purposes. 5 Credits (2 Lecture - 9 Lab) Prerequisite(s): MCT115 and MCT129 or BCT234.

Masonry Construction Estimating


Comprehensive study of all aspects of masonry estimating, from takeoff to bid, emphasizing how realistic masonry costs are obtained. Topics include legal aspects of the bidding process, such as contracts, bonding, and insurances, as well as various masonry estimating methods and technologies. Course work includes presentation of a formal bid. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): MCT239.