Innovation Leadership Courses

Principles of Innovation


Application of all common elements required for the process of innovation. Emphasis includes critical thinking, problem solving, and stimuli needed for effective innovation. Course work offers the ability to develop multiple ideas for goods, services or systems. 3 Credits (3 Lecture)

Create Innovation


Focus on a systematic approach to creativity and developing an understanding of how to generate innovative ideas in any field. Topics include theories and practice for using tools to generate meaningfully unique ideas with techniques involving creative stimulus, diversity, data mining for technology and economic, social and cultural trends. Included are case histories that demonstrate how social and cultural contexts and human institutions have been influenced by innovative individuals who have realized original ideas in practice. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): INV201.

Communicate Innovation


A combination of elements from several disciplines: the clarity of professional writing, the precision of technical writing, and the expressiveness of creative writing. Attention will be paid to narrative power of visual imagery as well as text; writing as a method of prototyping, emphasis on authentic writing, and technology translation communicating the benefit, the uniqueness, and the credibility of a concept. Partnership with innovators to explore and translate the benefits of technical and specialized ideas to a target audience. Evaluation of the meaningful uniqueness of ideas through the process of articulation that translates big ideas into words that persuade others to take action. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): INV310. (Writing Enriched)

Commercialize Innovation


A focus on the fundamental processes of prototyping and intial testing. Hands-on experiences with real product and service ideas to create working prototypes find the flaws in a design quickly and inexpensively. Topics include application of the scientific method to the prototyping process, sales forecasting, open-source technology, patent searching, provisional patent writing, and some elements of market research and funding. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): INV320 or INV330.

Systems of Innovation


Application of the tools and strategies from prior coursework into a system approach to innovation. Emphasis on leading systems for building alignment, collaboration and capacity to generate and implement new ideas in a wide range of organizations. Also includes the fundamentals of systems thinking, tools for measuring the performance of a system, and practice developing innovation strategies. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): INV430.

Innovation Project


Emphasizes the intensive application of concepts explored in earlier coursework with the purpose of creating real project proposals. Identification of a problem or opportunity and research of existing solutions that lead to development of unique proposal centric ideas. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Corequisite(s): INV440.


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