Fairy Tales and Fables


Study of storytelling and of stories as core binding elements in the social fabric of one's culture. Discussion includes a cross-cultural and historical examination of selected stories that present both similar and divergent themes. Emphasis on the constructions and mechanisms found in the stories as well as the social, cultural, political, and aesthetic values which they perpetuate and transmit. The impact of the stories upon ethnocentrism and gender role expectations is discussed. Contemporary adaptations of ancient and classical stories are also discussed. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): ENL111. (Cultural Diversity) Fall Only.

Science and Religion: A Cultural Perspective


Innovative and objective review of the relationships between science and religion within a cultural and historical context. Discussion provides a background for the better understanding of the conflicts and concordances between the sciences and many religions. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): ENL111. (Cultural Diversity)

Scientific Literature: Historical and Social Contexts


Survey of 7,000 years of technical and scientific literature in Western culture, concentrating on excerpts from classic, revolutionary works by major Western philosophers and scientists. Exploration and analysis include the process of technological and scientific revolutions at key points in Western culture; the social conditions that contributed to and resulted from major scientific and technical advances; and the application of those insights to practical situations that students face in their technical areas. 3 Credits (3 Lecture) Prerequisite(s): ENL121 or ENL201. (Science, Technology and Society, Writing Enriched) Fall Only.