HTH Directed Health Arts Electives

Directed Health Arts electives include credit given for health-care training as determined by the program director and/or the school dean/assistant dean. In addition, courses selected in this area allow the opportunity to explore areas of specialty or establish multi-skilled competencies to expand knowledge base, flexibility and marketability.

  • BIO201 - Microbiology
  • CHM100 - Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • CHM108 - Chemistry Survey
  • FIT207 - Choices: Wellness for a Lifetime
  • HIT128 - Principles of Pharmacology for Health Information
  • HTH100 - Introduction to Health Careers
  • HTH115 - Pathology and Disease I
  • HTH125 - Pathology and Disease II
  • MTR100 - Medical Terminology Survey
  • MTR104 - Basics of Medical Terminology
  • NUR308 - Nutritional Concepts for Nurses
  • PHL210 - Ethics (Electives:HUM,SSE)
  • PSY201 - Abnormal Psychology (Electives:SSE)
  • PSY203 - Developmental Psychology (Electives:SSE)
  • SCI100 - Environmental Science
  • SCI101 - Introduction to Forensic Science (Electives:STS)
  • SOC111 - Introduction to Sociology (Electives:SSE)
  • SPC101 - Fundamentals of Speech (Electives:CMM)
  • SPC102 - Fundamentals of Small Group Communication (Electives:CMM)
  • SPC201 - Interpersonal Communication (Electives:CMM)

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