Global Experience: Global Cities - Architecture Ideals, Urban Forms & Artistic Aspirations


Study of art movements and their connection and influence on urban development. Examines urbanism through the lens of art, architecture, and sustainability. An interpretative look at the artistic and architectural patterns of settlement and urbanization that defines cities. Explores artistic connections between cities and urban life that are identified with urban cultures. Introduces the city as an artistically meaningful form. Emphasis on artistic expression and evolution in cities. Focus on green cities and communities. Fosters a critical understanding of the cultural processes that influenced urban civilizations. Emphasis on the role of art and design movements in shaping urbanization patterns, while introducing visual and analytic skills necessary for its interpretation. Course work encompasses the study of art, architecture and sustainable urbanism. Field work includes travel to select global destinations with guided tours and presentations. (ART,Cultural Diversity) Spring Only.

3 Credits: 1 Lecture, 10 Co-op/Global Experience