Forest Protection


Overview of factors affecting the health of trees in forest and urban environments. Major topics include forest disease, insects and fire. Diseases covered include those caused by biotic pathogens and abiotic stressors, including root rots, wilts, cankers, rusts, and decays. Particular attention is paid to insect activity that is directly related to tree health and subsequent loss of wood fiber. Topics include gypsy moth, hemlock wooly adelgid, scale, wood boring insects, and defoliating insects. PA 130 Certification (Level One) forest fire training is included. PA DCNR (Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources) personnel conduct this training, consisting of a day of lecture followed by a controlled burn laboratory exercise. Successful completion of this certification allows students to fight forest fires in the state of Pennsylvania. Forest management discussion includes silvicultural treatments, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), fire, and how these tools are utilized to maintain forest health and productivity. Fall Only.

3 Credits: 2 Lecture, 3 Lab