Wines of the World


In depth study of the relationship between vinifera, labrusca and hybrid grapes to the climate, micro-climate, geography and geology of traditional and emerging wine producing regions of the world. The science of enology is studied, as will the historical relationship between wine and society and religion, and its impact on wine's mystique, tradition and influence. Study includes the international packaging and marketing of wine, with its relation to tradition and its evolution in today's global marketplace. Sensory evaluation of the many types of wines will be untaken, with a view toward understanding wine as a living, evolving beverage that is paired with foods, has health benefits, and has maintained a place as a beverage of choice on the tables of consumers in all social and economic circles around the world. NOTE: Students must provide proof of age for the legal responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages in the state of Pennsylvania. Additional lab fees apply. Fall Only.

3 Credits: 3 Lecture