Culinary Internship II: Le Jeune Chef Restaurant


Practicum designed to refine technical skills related to restaurant, special event food production, and hands-on rotation in the kitchen brigade. New work areas in storeroom, warewashing, and general kitchen systems provide job-shadowing and training experience. Classic and contemporary food preparation and applications are incorporated. Practice in planning restaurant menu selections and menus with creative plate designs, and nutritional adaptations based on guests' needs for service are emphasized. Completion of a minimum of 120 hours at Penn College, during lunch, dinner, and event services, is required.

1 Credit: 0 Lecture, 5 Internship

FHD116 and FHD269 and FHD305 and FHD306 and MGT115; or
FHD116 and FHD269 and FHD320 and MGT115