Analysis of the body's energy systems and practical application of that knowledge will be applied and implemented through a progressive program of cardiovascular exercise. Instructional focus is on ATP/CP, Glycolytic and Oxidative energy systems. Advanced assessments of VO2max and Resting Metabolic Rate through expired air/CO2 protocols. Assessment values are applied in a program of cardiovascular exercise, assisting with goal setting, workout intensity, workload determinations and training volume. Understanding of training modes, equipment selection, program demonstration and modification (Formerly PFS217) 3 Credits (2 Lecture - 3 Lab) Prerequisite(s): BIO103 and EXS125 and EXS170 and EXS210 or BIO103 and PFS125 and PFS170 and PFS210. Corequisite(s): EXS214. Spring Only.