BGD Specified Graphic Design Elective

  • ART122 - Painting (Electives:ART)
  • ART135 - Art History: 16th through 20th Centuries (Electives:ART)
  • ART140 - Ceramics (Electives:ART)
  • ART142 - Wood Sculpture (Electives:ART)
  • ART220 - Ceramics II (Electives:ART)
  • ART256 - Art and Architecture of Antiquity (Electives:ART,CUL)
  • ART257 - Art and Architecture of Antiquity - Study Abroad (Electives:ART,CUL)
  • ART301 - Graphic Design Internship
  • PHO210 - Fine-Art Photography (Electives:ART)
  • PHO220 - Photojournalism
  • PHO230 - Commercial Photography

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