Advanced credit is designed to recognize high school students' scholastic achievement attained prior to entering Penn College. Advanced credit is assessed through course work evaluations, testing and/or other forms of competency assessment. Students receiving advanced credit may enroll in advanced courses in the subjects in which they have received the advanced credit, or they may elect courses in other subjects. This option creates the opportunity for students to begin their college work at a higher level.

Advanced Credit Through Testing or Competency Assessment

Prospective students who have completed advanced courses or educational experiences in high school, in a career and technology center, or as part of military training, or at schools with formal articulation agreements with Penn College may be eligible for advanced credit.

The applicant will receive a schedule of tests and/or competency assessments showing the date and times when they will be administered. The entire process must be complete prior to the start of the semester. Testing requires an administrative fee; competency assessment does not.

Competencies are evaluated by the high school instructor and confirmed by the school. Evaluations are sent to the high school instructor, reviewed, and returned to the College. Confirmation of competency via portfolio or test may be required.

Credits awarded through advanced credit or competency assessment will appear on the student's transcript upon completion of 12 credits at Penn College.

College-level Advanced Credit Exams

College-level advanced credit exams include the Advanced Placement (AP) Exams and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). It is the student's responsibility to request that the official scores be mailed to the College by the agency.

Minimum scores are defined for each exam, as are the Penn College courses that will be awarded if students achieve those minimum scores.

For more information on specific advanced credit criteria, contact the Admissions Office.