Acceptance to the College is offered when the applicant's file (i.e., application for admission, application fee, high school transcript/GED/educational transcript and, when appropriate, standardized test scores) is completed in the Admissions Office. Acceptances are offered on a rolling basis.

Acceptance into a major is contingent upon an applicant's achieving minimum required scores on placement tests (or otherwise satisfying placement requirements) as well as satisfaction of major-specific admission criteria referenced in the curriculum information.

A student is not considered officially enrolled until all admissions requirements and financial obligations have been satisfied. The tuition deposit will hold a space in the College based on results of placement tests. If financial obligations for the semester are not met by the tuition payment deadlines, the student will forfeit the reserved class space in his/her chosen major. As a result, someone from the College's waiting list may take the forfeited space in the major.

Restricted Admissions

Remediation Strategies - General developmental requirements are in place for all enrollees. Enrollment in some majors is restricted to students who have met certain criteria, for example, the completion of all required developmental courses. These major-specific restrictions are detailed in the Curriculum pages of the catalog.

Selective Admissions - Majors with selective admissions admit students based on pre-established academic standards, including, but not limited to, related credit course work. Majors with special admissions requirements are noted in the Curriculum pages. The School of Health Sciences employs special admissions requirements for many of its majors.

Undecided Major

Individuals who need assistance choosing a career or college major, prior to enrollment or during enrollment, are encouraged to seek help from Counseling Services. Counselors provide a variety of career development services, including career testing and interpretation of results, as well as ongoing assistance during enrollment.

A Penn College applicant who remains unsure of his/her career path can apply under the Undecided Major. However, due to competitive enrollment in some majors, industry-specified core curricula in others, and the limited period of financial aid eligibility, it is in the student's best interest to work with College counselors to identify a major as early as possible in the enrollment process. Students who enroll as Undecided must work with College counselors to identify a major before scheduling courses for their second semester of enrollment. Financial Aid cannot be awarded beyond the first semester in the Undecided Major. For more information on selecting the major that is right for you, contact the Counseling Office.

Distance Education Majors

A student enrolling in a baccalaureate major offered via the Internet must first contact the Admissions Office to ensure the application lists the correct major. Visit Distance Learning Degrees to learn more about our online offerings.