Any degree or certificate candidate whose graduation grade-point average (GPA) is below 2.0 will be placed on academic probation.

Academic review occurs at the end of each semester and specifies the conditions under which students with GPAs below 2.0 will be permitted to continue at the College.

Students with graduation GPAs below a 1.0 at the end of their first semester* (after attempting at least six credits) will be academically suspended from the College for one semester (not including summer). Academic suspension for two semesters (not including summer) results from having a graduation GPA below 2.0 in any three semesters, sequential or otherwise.
*Course work completed in the summer prior to the first regular semester is not considered in this calculation.

Academic suspension cannot be appealed; however, an administration exception can be requested only in cases in which extenuating circumstances exist. Otherwise, academically suspended students may appeal to re-enroll at the end of the required separation from the College.

The College's full policy and procedure statements on Academic Probation, Suspension, and Renewal reside in Section IV of the College's Policy and Procedure Manual, which is available electronically on the myPCT Portal (network login required) or in hardcopy in the Madigan Library.

NOTE: Some majors, such as those in Health Sciences or Aviation, have additional, definitive academic standards set forth by the academic schools and accrediting agencies.

This information is provided as a summary of the College's academic policy. Official College Policy and Procedure statements, which are available to students on the myPCT Portal, hold precedent over any information provided here.