U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps Program (ROTC)

ROTC, or Military Science, is a four-year program for full-time students pursuing a baccalaureate degree. The program is designed to prepare college graduates for commission as officers in the U.S. Army. Program goals are to strengthen responsibility and integrity and develop leadership skills and the moral courage to apply those skills.

The program is divided into basic courses in the freshman and sophomore years and advanced courses in the junior and senior years. Penn College offers the program jointly with nearby Bucknell University. Classes are taught at Penn College, if enrollment warrants.

Students enrolled in the advanced courses receive a monthly stipend as well as books, uniforms, and equipment at no cost. Freshmen and sophomores who apply prior to December may compete for U.S. Army ROTC merit scholarships that can pay all or a significant portion of tuition with an additional yearly allowance for books.

For program details, visit Penn College's ROTC website or e-mail rotcbo1@pct.edu.