Graduation Honors

Academic honors are awarded to certificate, associate, and baccalaureate students whose graduation grade-point averages warrant the recognition. The honor is noted on the diploma and transcript. Penn College recognizes the following academic honors for graduates:

Certificate Graduate Honors:

  • Distinction-Blue-3.5 or above grade-point average

Associate's Degree Graduate Honors:

  • Highest Honors-Gold-4.0 grade-point average
  • High Honors-Silver-3.75-3.99 grade-point average
  • Honors-White-3.5-3.74 grade-point average

Bachelor's Degree Graduate Honors:

  • Summa Cum Laude-Gold-3.90-4.0 grade-point average
  • Magna Cum Laude-Silver-3.75-3.89 grade-point average
  • Cum Laude-White-3.50-3.74 grade-point average