A student's transcript lists two grade-point averages: major GPA and graduation GPA.

Major GPA is calculated using grades earned in courses designated as 'major' courses. Major courses are determined by the academic school and are directly associated to the field of study. For example, "Tableservice Lecture" and "Wine and Beverage Management" are considered major courses for Hospitality Management students.

Graduation GPA is calculated using the grades earned in all courses taken while the student is enrolled in the most current major. If a student switches majors, grades for courses not required by the new major are excluded from the graduation grade-point average.

See Understanding GPA on the Academic Affairs website for more details about how GPA is calculated. See Academic Probation & Suspension for information about minimum GPA requirements.

Students receiving financial aid must maintain a specifically defined level of academic progress in order to remain eligible for aid. See Satisfactory Academic Progress for Students Receiving Financial Aid, Section B, for an explanation of Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Grade-Point Average (SAP GPA), which is different from the two GPA types listed above.