Early Admission and Dual Enrollment Options

Penn College NOW: College Classes at High School

Penn College NOW is a concurrent enrollment program that allows eligible students from select regional high schools to enroll in Penn College courses taught by approved high school teachers at the student's home high school or career and technology center during the school day. Prerequisites and placement test requirements, College textbooks, syllabi, and course content are identical to on-campus courses. Contact the College Transitions Office at 570-320-8003 to determine if your high school or career and technology center participates in this program. For more information about the program, visit the Penn College NOW Web page.

On-campus Dual Enrollment: Part-time College

Through a variety of state and local programs, a qualified full-time high school student may enroll part-time in College credit classes. College courses taken may be counted toward high school graduation with the school's approval. Admission requirements, fees, and tuition are the responsibility of the student. Placement test results must indicate that the applicant is academically prepared to take the normal sequence of classes without the need for developmental course work. Interested students can contact their high school counselors, the College Transitions Office, or the Admissions Office for more information.

Early College Admission

A high school senior may enroll in the early admission program at the College in lieu of the senior year of high school. In addition to the standard admission criteria, the student's acceptance into the early admission program is subject to the following:

For additional information about early College admission, please contact the Admissions Office.