Mission Statement

Year Two student participating in a ropes course

Penn College provides opportunities for students to explore leadership theory, to develop a personal philosophy on leadership and to gain skills which are an integral part of the holistic student learning experience. An environment that encourages such growth is created through various experiential learning activities including workshops, retreats and community service programs; all of which are facilitated by other students, faculty, staff and community members. Through participation in leadership programs, students will engage in experiences that promote the understanding of self, the value of teamwork and the responsibility of serving as productive leaders in society.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any student with a minimum grade-point average of 2.0 who can demonstrate sincere commitment and interest in the program is eligible to apply.

How to apply?

Students can find the application on the portal at the start of each fall semester. 

Program Details

The Penn College Leadership Boot Camp is the College's comprehensive student development program, which provides fun and educational opportunities for students to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

The six-week leadership series provides students with a set of basic leadership skills that will enable them to assume leadership positions in the very near future.


Week 1 - What is leadership?
Week 2 - Who am I as a leader?
Week 3 - Group facilitation / effective communication
Week 4 - Civility in Leadership
Week 5 - Judgment / Decision-making
Week 6 - Getting involved