Follow the steps below to prepare for Penn College.

  • Begin to get involved in your IEP meetings, if you are not currently doing so, and begin to be more involved in the decision making process.
  • Hone your self-advocacy skills by advocating for your needs during the meeting.
  • Talk to your guidance counselor about the courses required for college.
  • Start to research the majors at Penn College that you are interested in and make sure your course schedule correlates with the major’s requirements.
  • Begin to utilize academic adjustments that are realistic for college (e.g., if you are using unlimited time on tests, change to 50% or 100% more time).
  • Visit Penn College and include Disability Services in your visit.
  • Learn about the differences between secondary and post-secondary educational disability services.

Will my IEP follow me to college?

Penn College is not bound by your IEP. The services and accommodations  you get at Penn College might be very different from those you receive in high school. Your services and accommodations will be based upon the documentation of your disability and specifically how your disability impacts you in an academic environment.