Allergy Information

Penn College Dining Services strives to provide each of our guests with accurate information on potential food allergens, as well as an up-to-date nutritional analysis of our products.
It is important to note:

  • Our menu items may contain, or may have come in contact with, potential allergens.
  • Dining Services does not have allergen-free or gluten-free kitchens, but concentrated efforts are made to try to eliminate cross contamination.
  • Food manufacturers may change their product formulation or manner of processing without our knowledge. Because of the potential for substitute ingredients, with or without our knowledge, we cannot guarantee our products are completely free of any potential allergens.
  • Penn College will assume no liability for reactions to food/beverages consumed at any dining facility.

Information found on the Dining Service website is intended to be used as a guide and is not a substitute for consulting a licensed health professional. Nutritional content of food (s) may change with the addition of condiments and/or modifications to recommended portion sizes. Guests may consult a member of the Dining Services management team for additional assistance or email questions to

A Note from Our Registered Dietitian

College is a time of transition where students begin to make their own decisions which can develop into lifelong habits. Many choices students make can affect their health and academic performance, eating habits are a prime example. Penn College Dining Services strives to provide a variety of healthy, nutritious dining options. Penn College offers three larger dining units; Capital Eatery features a vegetable/fruit of the month and has a variety of healthy options for everyone, fresh MTO (made to order) omelets all day and a MTO deli area with a variety of choices including vegetarian options and build your own burgers available daily. CC Commons has many healthy entrees features many MTO options with various proteins, toppings and breads. The Keystone Dining Room offers hearty meals with an option for meatless entrees, MTO foods such as omelets at breakfast, or unique salad bar options. Gluten friendly options are available at all dining units. Check out the menu options that are posted daily on NetNutrition for the week. Nutrition information and food allergens are listed for all dining units.

Fitness and Nutrition Challenges for Students

Remember health and wellness for anyone, especially college students, is determined by the food we eat, our exercise habits, and sleep. Dining halls offer a variety of choices for students, but they require some discernment to navigate. For the college student on a tight budget or time constraints, making healthy choices based on their meal plan and nearest dining facility can be difficult. Penn College offers a variety of healthy choices at the above dining halls or at one of the smaller dining units such as Bookmarks Café, Fresh, Fuel, Nature’s Cove, Penn Central, Wildcat Express, Wrapture or Grab ’n Go where flex or declining balance dollars can be used to purchase items and has convenient, quick, on the go options.

Quick Tips to Stay Healthy:

  • Stay hydrated! – Bring a refillable water bottle each day. Avoid too much coffee and sugar-loaded drinks
  • Don’t skip breakfast! – There are many dining options available that can be quick and healthy if time is an issue.
  • Plan ahead – Try to avoid being over hungry and making poor choices by always carrying a healthy snack with you in your book bag such as a whole grain granola bar, apple, yogurt, or string cheese.
  • Load up on fruits and vegetables – Goal for 5 -10 a day to get those vitamins and minerals you need and  are low in calories.
  • Don’t to forget to exercise! Find an exercise you enjoy and make a realistic commitment that will work for you each week.
  • Get enough sleep – 7 to 9 hours daily is recommended for college age.

Have Questions?

Please reach out to our Registered dietitian, Becky Pawlik, R.D., L.D.N. if you’re struggling with a food allergy, disordered eating, athlete, or just a nutrition question you want to ask. She is available to set up an appointment. Nutrition counseling is free for students.