Position Description

Summary of Mentor Position:

The Living Learning Community Mentor position is a dedicated student leader selected by Faculty Advisors. Mentors will work closely with Faculty Advisors to provide co-curricular educational and social programs for first-year students involved in the Living Learning Communities (LLC). LLCs are provided throughout the fall and spring semesters. Each LLC Mentor will serve as a role model and will help LLC members transition to life at Penn College.


LLC Mentors will have the following Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work under the direction of faculty advisors and Residence Life staff to provide one social and one educational event per month.
  • Maintain communication via email, social networking, in-person meetings, and marketing initiatives to provide information and mentor community members.
  • Help community members become familiar with Penn College resources including academic, personal, and social engagement.
  • Attend regular meetings with LLC staff and faculty.
  • Meet individually with students twice a semester.
  • Promote and participate in organized events with community members.
  • Participate in training prior to the beginning of the fall semester and throughout the academic year as needed.
  • Assist in fall and spring Open House events to promote the Living Learning Communities.
  • Participate in Fall Move-In Day to greet residents and begin fostering relationships.
  • Participate in pre-orientation in an effort to reach out to LLC members prior to fall opening.
  • Be timely and organized with all administrative duties including but not limited to: emails, marketing initiatives, program requests, program details, student referrals, and student follow up.

Roles and Expectations:

Learning Community Mentors are to:

  • Act as role models for first-year students by exhibiting appropriate behaviors consistent with the student code of conduct.
  • Demonstrate an academic commitment, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Have a clean record of conduct.
  • Be in good financial standing with the College.
  • Be present and available for formal and informal connections with community members.
  • Promote activities and involvement that support LLC outcomes.
  • Be community builders by engaging first-year students within the residence halls.
  • Collaborate with residence life staff and academic faculty to provide resources and learning experiences.


Mentors may benefit from this position in the following ways:

  • ID card access to Dauphin Hall.
  • Single Room at double room price
  • Leadership and community service opportunities
  • Fellowships with staff, faculty, and community members
  • Bookstore credit of $250 per semester
  • Work directly with faculty connected to your academic field
  • Add a new leadership position to your resume
  • Be included in all recreational and educational program benefits
  • Directly impact the lives and success of students in your academic field

Selection Process

Selection Process:

Mentors will have to meet the requirements as stated below and submit an application form, resume, and cover letter explaining why they wish to be a Mentor. Applications will be reviewed by faculty and staff from the appropriate academic areas. Offers to interview will be extended to candidates of interest. Following interviews, faculty will make final decisions and extend formal offers.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Successful completion of a minimum of 24 credits prior to the fall 2014 semester.
  • Enrolled in the academic school related to the LLC desired.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Considered a student in good standing (academic, conduct, financial) by the College.