This workshop covers the science of injection molding and is ideal for the advanced individual looking for solutions to the toughest molding problems. Participants will learn how the machine, the mold, and the plastic material all play a role in the molding of plastic parts while following a pellet from the hopper through screw melting into the shot, then follow the melt into the mold, and ultimately into the part. Following this travel from pellet to part will highlight exactly what makes a consistent, quality molded part. Controlling part dimensions, as well as controlling part defects will be discussed in terms of how the part was produced on its travel from pellet to part. Day three is for troubleshooting real-world problems. Each participant will bring a problem to be analyzed and the class will help solve the problem. The instructor acts as a facilitator and will use the problems to teach key problem solving strategies. Target Audience: Individuals interested in knowing the "why" behind the processing of injection molding parts, not just the "how." This course is best suited to molders with an understanding of the decoupled molding process who have some process experience. Upon completion of this course, participants will have a firm understanding of the underlying causes of dimensional variation and root causes of many part defects. PLEASE WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION TO BOOK FLIGHTS.

There are currently no classes scheduled for this course. Please check back at a later time or contact Workforce Development to see when the course will be offered again.