Topics include advances in raw materials and sheet extrusion; heating and cooling the sheet; and forming, trimming, and handling the part. Advanced session on raw materials; rheological properties; specialty sheet; part, mold, and plug-assist design; heating technology; advanced forming techniques; trimming technology, assembly methods; and diagnostic tools. Hands-on sessions include thermoforming process techniques and troubleshooting, materials testing, and sheet extrusion basics. THE HEAVY-GAUGE THERMOFORMING WORKSHOP IS NOW BEING OFFERED JOINTLY WITH THE THIN-GAUGE THERMOFORMING WORKSHOP TO BE HELD JUNE 11-13. TO ADDRESS THE HEAVY-GAUGE CURRICULUM, SPECIAL HANDS-ON LABS HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED. REGISTER HERE. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 570-321- 5533

Course Outline

There are currently no classes scheduled for this course. Please check back at a later time or contact Workforce Development to see when the course will be offered again.