This course is intended for the engineers, marketing and sales personnel, new operators, management, designers, and others who need to quickly understand the basics of both extrusion (EBM) and 2-stage injection stretch blow molding (ISBM). After just three hours of lecture and four hours of hands-on lab, you will learn quite a bit about blow molding materials, processors, and mold design. Examples will be given of the many market applications for blow molded products ranging from bottles and other containers for consumer food, drink, and packaging products to industrial parts such as automotive fuel tanks and dock floats. The hands-on lab component of the course will have you operating lab scale extrusion and injection stretch reheat blow molding equipment beginning with machine safety and machine startup and troubleshooting common process problems. You will identify common product defects along with their causes and as a member of a team, will implement the appropriate remedies for producing products meeting assigned quality specifictions.

There are currently no classes scheduled for this course. Please check back at a later time or contact Workforce Development to see when the course will be offered again.