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  • Tue., April 17, 9:00 am

This course is designed to train participants to perform tests particular to all types of oil-fired systems and to recommend retrofits. Topics covered include types of oil-fueled combustion appliances, combustion efficiency and analysis, safety controls, non-flame retention and flame retention head burners, chimney safety, maintenance and calibration, distribution systems, venting, carbon monoxide measurement, temperature rise measurement, heat exchanger leakage testing, manufactured home furnace design, Btu input measurement and output calculations, and new developments in oil-fired units. This course is approximately 50% presentation/classroom exercises and 50% hands-on application, equipment training, and diagnostics in the lab. This course requires participant participation in classroom and lab exercises as well as a passing grade (70% or above) in both of the end-of-course exams: written and lab. Course hours: 24. BPI CEUs: 11. PA WAP AGENCIES AND SUBCONTRACTORS ARE ADMITTED AT NO CHARGE. SELECTION THE COURSE SECTION WITH $0.00 COST WHEN REGISTERING.

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