Building re-tuning is a systematic process to identify and correct building operational problems that lead to energy waste. The goal is to identify measures that can be implemented at no or low cost other than the labor required to perform the re-tuning process.

Be proactive
and save


By pro-actively utilizing the energy savings opportunities taught in the re-tuning training, operations staff can save between 5 and 25 percent of all energy used in the building.

2-day format


This 2-day course provides an overview of how to make small/medium-sized buildings more efficient, leading to energy savings and reduced operating cost.



The first day of training is a blend of in-class instruction and discussion. Day 2 consists of a physical building investigation (building "walkdown").

Two ways to schedule a class


Groups of ten or more

This class is typically held for groups of ten or more participants from the same organization in a "closed-enrollment" format unless otherwise noted. Classes capped at 15 participants.


Individual enrollment

This class invites students from many organizations to a planned "Open-enrollment" course. Classes will be listed 3-6 months ahead of time on this page.

Current Course Offerings

To schedule a class or request more information, please contact us: