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One application , open each year between December 1 and March 1, is all that's needed to be considered for more than 300 unique Penn College Scholarships.

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Academic Area

Alberts Family Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Alberts
  • Enrolled in any Plastics & Polymer Engineering Technology major
  • Have demonstrated an ability to creatively apply their knowledge of plastics and polymers
  • Semester credit hours greater or equal to 12
  • Enrolled full-time
  • Be a second-year student
  • Fall

Chester D. Schuman Scholarship

Mrs. Pamela Schuman
  • Enrolled in one of the following majors:
    • Baking & Pastry Arts | A.A.S.
    • Culinary Arts Technology | A.A.S.
    • Landscape/Plant Production Technology | A.A.S.
    • Landscape/Horticulture Technology: Plant Production Emphasis | Associate of Applied Science Degree
    • Plastics & Polymer Engineering Technology | B.S.
    • Plastics & Polymer Technology | A.A.S.
  • Have successfully completed 24 credit hours of post-secondary education
  • Must be a graduate from Warrior Run high school in Northumberland County
  • Enrolled full-time​  or part-time
  • Be a first-year ​ , second-year ​ , third-year ​ ,  or fourth-year student
  • Fall

Phillips Family Scholarship

Mrs. Annmarie S. Phillips
  • Enrolled in any Business, Arts & Sciences ​  or Business & Hospitality Division ​  or Engineering Technologies ​  or Transportation Division major
  • First preference: Are employees of or dependent children of employees of Phillips Office Supply
  • Second preference: Second year student enrolled in any of listed majors
  • Graduate of a high school located in Lycoming County
  • Demonstrates dedication in their education
  • Applied for and eligible for financial aid
  • Enrolled full-time
  • Be a first-year ​ ,  or second-year student
  • Fall