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One application , open each year between December 1 and March 1, is all that's needed to be considered for more than 300 unique Penn College Scholarships.

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Academic Area

Penn College Visiting Chef Scholarship

Mr. Brian D. Walton
  • Enrolled in any Business & Hospitality major
  • Demonstrate initiative and involvement in volunteer activities to include: Visiting Chef Dinner and other programs deemed appropriate by the Dean of the school
  • Demonstrate leadership and service to Penn College Hospitality Department and the hospitality industry
  • Be a second-year ​ , third-year ​ ,  or fourth-year student
  • Fall

Pathways Scholarship

  • Enrolled in one of the following majors:
    • Nursing, LPN to RN | A.A.S.
    • Paramedic Practice | Certificate
    • Paramedic Science | A.A.S.
  • Students who have previously completed their EMT coursework through Workforce Development at Penn College and are enrolled in the Paramedic Science, Paramedic Technician Associate degree, Paramedic Science Certificate, or corresponding Pre-Program; or
  • Students who have previously completed their LPN program through Workforce Development at Penn College and are enrolled in LPN-to-RN major, or corresponding Pre Program.
  • Enrolled full-time​  or part-time
  • Fall
  • Spring

Michael D. Eshbach Endowed Scholarship

Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Warren Eshbach
  • Enrolled in any Paramedic major
  • Applied for and eligible for financial aid
  • Enrolled full-time
  • Be a first-year ​ , second-year ​ , third-year ​ , fourth-year ​ ,  or transfer student
  • Fall