When your son or daughter was accepted into Penn College and became a future student, his or her educational records fell under the protection of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA gives students the right to share or withhold information such as grades, class schedule, academic progress, and more. This federal legislation limits the release of certain information to anyone other than the student, including parents.

Balancing Student Rights with Parents’ Need to Know

We understand your desire to help your student with academic decisions and situations; however, we can only share and discuss such information with the student’s permission. The student can choose to give you access to his or her records and to allow discussion with staff and faculty. Talk to your son or daughter about using the Student Information System (SIS) Parent/Guest Access function to provide you with the appropriate level of access.

Enabling Student Success & Responsibility

Although we provide the means for students to permit parent involvement in academic issues, we do strongly encourage students to take responsibility for making their own decisions while attending Penn College. Hearing information and explanations directly from college staff and faculty helps students to better understand processes and requirements, and helps them to make informed decisions throughout their academic careers.

Parents are partners in students' academic journeys and can help to guide them in many ways; however, students only form a true understanding and appreciation for their education when they take responsibility for their decisions.

To learn about the procedures and services in place to help guide students, as well as to learn how best to enable your son or daughter to make sound decisions, we encourage you to participate in two important events: placement test day and Connections. A Test Day Parent Session introduces you to enrollment and scheduling procedures and to some available College services. During Connections, several parent sessions provide more in-depth information that will help you to support your student by fostering his or her personal growth and independence.

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