Penn College Motorsports Association
Motorsports Team for Mini Indy

The Motorsports Association is a club for any students interested any form of motorsports. Members learn about motorsports of all ranges and aftermarket tuning aspects of the entire automotive industry. The club activities offer members exclusive exposure to the racing industry with tours of performance shops and opportunities to test their driving ability by participating in track days, autocross and other driver skill events.

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Horticulture Club
Students at PLANET competition

The purpose of the Horticulture Club is to promote and advance the field of horticulture through its members by giving back to the school and community. A practical experience in the field and exposure to the industry through out of the classroom experiences and sharing of knowledge between members is what the Horticulture Club is all about.

Regular Horticulture Club activities include community and college service projects, fund-raising projects, interscholastic competitions, and social club gatherings.


The purpose of SkillsUSA, a National vocational student organization, is to compete in more than 80 competitions in a variety of fields.

Regular SkillsUSA activities include chapter meetings, state and national conferences, fund raising, and community and college service.

Diesel Performance Technicians Association

The purpose of this association is to expand the learning opportunities and meet other students who share an interest in diesel performance. The club meets regularly to plan activities that will broaden their understanding of careers in the diesel field and enhance their understanding of the profession. College and community service projects are also coordinated by the membership.

Forestry Club

The purpose of this club is to organize and participate in social, leadership, and professional activities related to careers in forestry. Planning and participating in college and community service projects, fundraising, and attending the Woodmen’s Competition each spring are among the club’s many activities. Club members also coordinate, plan, and attend the Society of American Foresters conference, held yearly.

Service and Operation of Heavy Equipment Association (S&O)

The association is to expand the learning and leadership opportunities and provide students with an opportunity to engage with and contribute to, the College and local community. This club organizes and executes the Annual Precision Heavy Equipment Rodeo, held each fall at the School of NRM during the college’s Open House. Field trips to work sites and other educational opportunities are also coordinated by the club.

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