Automotive Technology Management Objectives and Outcomes Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.)

Program Goals/Student Outcomes

A graduate of this major should be able to:
  • transition from school to work and obtain a job in the automotive industry related to customer service, management, training/teaching, technical support, as well as repair, service, or parts operations.
  • identify an automotive related research problem, develop research questions, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions.
  • prepare written professional reports in American Psychological Associate (APA) format, with appropriate citations to support ideas.

Enrollment and Graduation Data

Academic Year Total Enrollment
Fall Semester
Enrollment Fall Semester
Academic Year
2010/2011 64 12 24
2011/2012 54 14 33
2012/2013 32 2 15
2013/2014 34 6 21
2014/2015 34 2 N/A

Contact information

Pennsylvania College of Technology
DIF 119

One College Avenue
Williamsport, PA 17701


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