Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies Alumni Testimonials

Forest Technology & Landscape/Horticulture Technology

Garrett Book, Ornamental Horticulture: Landscape Technology Emphasis, 2010

I'm a college drop-out. Twice. I couldn’t fit in. I wasn’t motivated. Then, I found Penn College. I have never before seen or been a part of a student body with such an inspiring work ethic.

Cale Holmes, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology: Operator Emphasis

Cale Holmes "I like the ability of taking a massive machine and being able to do very precise things with it."

Dean Dietrich, Landscape/Horticulture Technology: Landscape Emphasis (LE)

Dean Dietrich "I am passionate about the ability to grow products that add beauty and enjoyment to an area. I enjoy having the ability to take a small seed or cutting and tending to it until it has turned into a product that someone would by go and plant on their property."

Melissa Berrier, Landscaping/Nursery Technologies

Melissa Berrier "Penn College’s industry-related landscape curriculum has helped me to broaden my knowledge and interest in horticulture as a career. Not only do I have the opportunity to learn about landscaping in the classroom, I am able to gain many skills through the hands-on experiences offered at Penn College."

Melissa was the recipient of the PLNA Foundation Scholarship and was also a captain of the Lady Wildcat Softball team.

Jeremy Bell, Diesel Technology

Jeremy Bell What do you think is special/unique about your education, your classes, labs, etc.?

"Small lab sizes are good for more one on one instruction, and the equipment is pretty up to date."

Shannon Emig, Forest Technology

Shannon Emig "It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what my favorite thing is in my major, I pretty much love the variety of materials that are covered. My wildlife class is real fun. I really enjoy my ecology class, and I can’t forget the woodsmen team... I love the competition and fun of meeting with other schools and people with the same interest!"

Heavy Contruction Equipment

James C. Alban IV, Executive Vice President, Alban Tractor Co. Inc.

"Technological sophistication is growing at an exponential rate in diesel and earthmoving industries. The future holds great promise for qualified technicians in these fields. To provide state-of-the-art services to our customers, technicians must be able to diagnose and repair complex hydraulic and mechanical systems controlled by sophisticated electronic and computerized systems. As our equipment has grown in sophistication, Penn College curriculum has evolved to meet our needs and the challenges of our industry."

Louis DiDonato, Giles & Ransome, Inc.

"After graduating from Penn College with my Associate Degree, I was able to become a valuable employee of Giles & Ransome, Inc., as a heavy equipment technician in the component specialization area. The instructors presented information that was timely and relevant to my career, with methods that resulted in ease of learning."

Andrew Weisner, Giles & Ransome, Inc.

"The training I received at Penn College in the Caterpillar Emphasis, Heavy Equipment Technician Program, taught me the specific fundamental and troubleshooting job skills used daily at Giles & Ransome, Inc.

Jerry Davis, Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company, Inc.

"Because of the training I received and the personal interest shown by my instructors, I credit the school for my career opportunities."

Timothy W. Eyerly, Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company, Inc.

"By the end of my two-year program, I gained the confidence and ability to do any job presented to me."

Gene Krisko, Appraiser/Demonstrator, Beckwith Machinery Company

"The degree I earned was the first step of many I have taken in my career. I started in the shop as an engine and component rebuilder then moved on to equipment repair in the field. Currently, I appraise customers' used equipment our company is considering for trade-in or purchase and train customers on proper equipment operating procedures to ensure safety and maximize machine capabilities."

Nevin Croft, Journeyman Field MechanicBeckwith Machinery Company

"The most important skill I learned was the ability to think mechanically at an early age. I continue to use these skills every day on the job to comprehend service manuals and literature in order to troubleshoot today's complicated operating systems."

Andrew S. Gates, Training Instructor, Alban Tractor Co., Inc.

"It covers all aspects of equipment, diesel engines, power trains and hydraulic systems. They have a wide variety of equipment to operate...instructors and training aids are top notch."

Collision Repair & Automotive Technology Management

Peter Gilliam, Collision Repair A.A.S. degree

My name is Peter Gillam and I graduated from Pennsylvania of Technology with an Associate's Degree in Collision Repair. I had a wonderful experience while I was there and learned many skills to help jump start my career. While I was there I worked with some of the best equipment available that is used in the collision industry today. One specific piece of equipment I worked with was the Velocity Measuring System. I have gone to many body shops in my area that use this same targeting system in order to repair frames. The knowledge I received working with this measuring system gave me the advantage in getting a job and made me more qualified for the positions that I applied for. The instructors at PCT were also some of the industry's best technicians. I also had a special relationship with my instructors to where they were more than just teachers but friends who I still keep in touch with today. Everything I learned at PCT was always applied to real life situations and the shop ran just like a regular production body shop. Overall my experience at PCT was an excellent learning experience while in a professional environment.

Joe Vassalo, Automotive Technology Management B.S. degree

I have been working my new job for a little over two months and absolutely love what I do. I'm the assistant shop manager (soon to be manager from what I've been told) at a facility that preforms general repair services. My shop is one of four that is owned under the president, you can consider it a local franchise. The facility that I'm currently working at lost hundreds of thousands last year, but with the knowledge that I have acquired through you, I can confidently say that my facility will turn the corner. Last month alone we doubled our gross profit in sales compared to last year's number. It really is unbelievable that five months ago I was sitting in the library writing my senior thesis for your 495 class. I was very concerned about the job market and what would be available for me in the automotive field upon graduating. Little did I know there were many offers out there... I can't thank you enough for the mentoring and the knowledge that you have instilled in me. It was a pleasure being one of your peers. I wish you well in the future! Next time I'm around campus I will have to stop for a visit.
Sincerely, Joe Vassallo

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