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Vertigin Campaign

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Vertigin Campaign

Vertigin Campaign

Vertigin is a fictitious film festival created by me to fulfill my ART 496 Senior Project requirements.This project encompasses everything that a Graphic Design student learns throughout his or her college career. In a matter of 16 weeks a student is expected to conceptualize, execute, and present a project to the design faculty and student body. I have an interest in short films and music that I wanted to reflect in my final project. I created a logo, stationery, two posters, and a website for this project. It was an excellent class that finished my college career and really helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and also honed my design skills into one all-encompassing project.

Vertigin Campaign

Numbers Book Series

Along with music I also enjoy books about mathematics. When the opportunity arose for a series of three matching books, I wanted to include something about mathematics. Special consideration to the target market was important in this project. A simple, down to earth design was executed to produce these three books about interesting numbers that show up everywhere.

Vertigin Campaign

NPR Campaign

NPR is a fictitious radio show created by me to show the same design in many formats. In this instance I designed a poster and adapted it to a CD cover. Trying to figure out how to fit, crop, and adjust graphics to different sizes and shapes is very intriguing and fun.

Vertigin Campaign

WARP Records

This project is a corporate identity for a record label. A logo, stationary, posters, magazine ads and a website package this electronic genre of music. Researching a subject is always a big, initial step in starting a design. Researching a record label was probably the best choice I made. Free music, artwork and downloads, WARP Records made it really easy for me to get into this project and focus on what they were really about, in turn getting me very interested in the project.

Vertigin Campaign

Aperture Magazine

Aperture magazine is an actual published magazine. Although I don't design the magazine, it's easy to appreciate the minimalist qualities of the actual magazine. Our assignment was to www this magazine using our own photographs and text. Incorporating a photography class into this assignment is a good example of how the fine art courses really influence your designs.

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