This exam can increase the number of options available to students for meeting math requirements within their program. Students who do well on this exam and receive a placement 6 or 7 can save both time and money.

The Functions and Graphs Test is one of the measures used by the placement committee to determine if a student is prepared to take Pre-Calculus (MTH 190), Applied Calculus (MTH 230), Calculus I (MTH 240), or Credit-by-Exam (if a lower level course is required in their program).

Many students are in programs that require College Algebra and Trig I and II (MTH 180 & MTH 182) or six credits of math at the level of Introduction to Mathematics (MTH 151) or higher. This test can give the option of substituting one of the 3-or-4 credit courses listed above for the required six math credits. Such an opportunity would allow a student to:

  • complete their math requirement(s) early, with a credit savings;
  • choose to take more advanced courses in mathematics, depending on future goals; or
  • free up time within their program to take additional courses of interest.

Students in programs that require a total of 9 or 10 credits of math, including at least one calculus course, may be able to complete their entire math requirement by taking one 3- or 4-credit course from the list above. For example: in some programs, College Algebra, Trig I and II, and Calculus I (10 credits) could be replaced with Calculus I only, (4 credits). The substitution results in the student completing their math requirement the first semester while at the same time freeing up credits or saving the cost of 2 to 6 credits.

If a student is in a program that requires only one 3-credit math course, she/he could still benefit by having the opportunity to take a course at a higher level or electing to do a credit by exam for the required course. The result is a savings of time and the cost of a 3-credit course. Note: there is a fee of $50 for challenging a course by exam.

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