The School of Nursing & Health Sciences at Pennsylvania College of Technology is committed to preparing professional and competent practitioners. Our programs are structured to support and develop essential qualities of caring, accountability, a credible work ethic, critical judgment, information literacy, and effective interpersonal skills to address social demands. Graduates will be prepared to enter or advance within the health professions workforce and be eligible for initial or continuing licensure, certification, and advanced education.


Through rigorous curricula and state-of-the-art learning facilities, the experientially qualified faculty and administration are committed to:

  • Applying an evidence-based, theoretical, and hands-on approach to nursing and health science education that is comprehensive and promotes open academic discussion; and
  • Recognizing and respecting the dignity, diversity, and beliefs of all health care recipients at any stage of the health continuum.


  1. Explore opportunities within programs to offer new or expand current cross-cultural experiences, apprenticeships, and service learning opportunities.
  2. Develop and maintain curricula and facilities that are consistent with current health care delivery models and align with the College’s Core General Education Model.
  3. Support the College’s student retention efforts by promoting the use of services offered by the Academic Success Center, using best practices for academic advising, and fostering the full college experience by connecting students with other College opportunities, including athletic, academic, and co-curricular experiences.
  4. In conjunction with the Office of Institutional Advancement, seek new and strengthen existing health care partnerships to increase the availability and quality of educational and technological resources to support our academic program offerings.
  5. Pursue grant funding to enhance or expand our current academic offerings, laboratory learning resources, and diversity of our student populations.

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