Judy Zebrowski

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Judy is the Information Literacy Initiatives librarian at Madigan Library at Penn College. She has been Coordinator of User Education and Specialist in User Education at Bertrand Library at Bucknell. She is a strong advocate for information literacy and user education initiatives. She has led both student and faculty outreach efforts and has been involved in collaborative projects related to these areas.

Her teaching and research interests include pedagogy, creativity and critical thinking, and has taught a university course entitled "Truth, Beauty, and Knowledge: Learning to Think Creatively". She earned a B.A. from Chestnut Hill College, an M.A. from Villanova University, teacher certification from Norwich University, and a Master of Information Science degree from Drexel University.

A Pennsylvania native, she is a nature and wildlife enthusiast whose favorite haunts are Potter County PA, Maine, and Scotland; other favorite places besides the woods are her garden, and in the company of animal companions. Additional interests include animal behavior, poetry and performing arts, especially dance and movement.