Your LEAP Year

Together, you and your student can check out these helpful suggestions. As a parent or support person of a new student, you can have a great impact on their first-year success.

Your LEAP Year
Guaranteed Momentum

We expect you to...

  • Learn and lean into the idea that we are a Community of Respect
  • Evolve, explore, and engage in every aspect of campus — classes, organizations, activities, and sports
  • Adapt to your new college life and take advantage of the resources and ongoing support
  • Prepare and participate by attending classes, meeting deadlines, communicating, and going all in
Real World Ready

How to prepare for your LEAP year

  • Practice waking up on your own... before noon.
  • Ask yourself:
    • Do I know how to do laundry?
    • Make my bed?
    • Fill my prescriptions?
    • Be my own advocate?
  • Review your schedule. Is it correct? Do you need to speak with your academic advisor about any changes?
  • Connect with your LEAP advisor to get answers to your questions or be directed to the appropriate expert.
  • Gather your devices, but don't bring the 52 inch flat screen.
  • Prepare to be challenged. Struggling is normal and a part of the growth process.
  • Things to think about:
    • Do I need my car on campus?
    • Do I have all my books, tools, equipment, and supplies?
    • Will I have a job my first semester?
    • Do I need childcare?
    • How many hours per day/week should I plan to study my first year?
    • How often will I go home or leave campus?
  • Remind yourself that you have spent the last 18-plus years preparing your student for this. They are ready... even if you are not.
  • Use these final weeks wisely. Let your student get up on their own, do their own laundry, and take ownership of their health.
  • Have those important conversations this summer.
  • Know the resources and support services availbale to your student and be ready to re-direct them.
  • Prepare for these years to be transformative for your student.
  • Things to think about:
    • How will I respond/react to changes in my student?
    • How will I support my student, but let them be their own advocate?
    • How will I take care of myself?

Support Services

Your LEAP advisor is one link in the chain of support designed to help you thrive academically and personally at Penn College.

Disability & Access Resources

We believe in a level playing field for all. Whatever your needs may be, our team is here to help. 

Tutoring Services

Stay ahead in your coursework with help from our writing and tutoring centers. 

Counseling Services

Our team of experienced counselors promotes wellness strategies that help Wildcats feel their absolute best.

College Health Services

It's easy to stay healthy when you've got a healthcare clinic right on campus. Plus, visits are free.

Residence Life

If you live on campus, you'll have a resident assistant just down the hall. They were in your shoes before and are an excellent resource. 

Veteran & Military Services

Our dedicated resource center is open to all veterans, active military members, and their families. 

College Police

Rest assured in knowing our full-time staff is present and committed to facilitating a safe learning environment.

Career Services

Wildcats have lifetime access to a full-service career hub with everything from resume and interview prep to the alumni mentorship program.

Financial Aid

College is an investment in your future. The better you plan today, the lighter your load will be tomorrow. Questions? Our team is here to help!