The School of Health Sciences at Pennsylvania College of Technology is committed to preparing professional and competent practitioners. Our programs are structured to support and develop essential qualities of caring, accountability, a credible work ethic, critical thinking, information literacy, and effective interpersonal skills to address social demands. Graduates will be prepared to enter the health professions workforce and be eligible for licensure, certification, and advanced education.


Through use of state-of-the-art curricula, the faculty and administration are committed to embracing the following principles; we:

  1. Adopt an evidence-based theoretical and applied approach to health science education,
  2. Respect the dignity and value of all health care recipients at any stage in the health-illness continuum,
  3. Believe in multicultural education that promotes open academic discourse and critical analysis,
  4. Expect our faculty, staff, and graduates to be role models for our students, and
  5. Value education as a lifelong process.


Deliver model curricula integrated with interdisciplinary student, staff, and faculty relationships in order to cultivate a highly skilled workforce that supports superior, state-of-the-art health care.

School of Health Sciences



Advanced Technology & Health Sciences CenterW241

Pennsylvania College of Technology
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Williamsport, PA 17701

Pennsylvania College of Technology
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