Mission Statement

The School of Construction & Design Technologies is committed to providing students with the resources and learning opportunities that will prepare them to contribute to the construction and design global industry with integrity. We are committed to applied technical learning that recognizes evolving technologies and recognition of industry standards.


  • Create instructional environments that provide opportunities to develop industry valued skills and attitudes to include critical thinking, ethical behaviors, cooperation and a global understanding of the construction and design industry
  • Provide quality instruction while efficiently and effectively utilizing personnel, materials and space
  • Support and encourage professional development for faculty and staff that recognizes the need to remain current with rapidly evolving technical skills and pedagogical practices
  • Create an atmosphere for faculty, staff, and students that appreciates the need for diversity and global understanding while fostering an attitude of lifelong learning
  • Ensure program offerings aid in the academic success of first year students and promote opportunities for career awareness and development for subsequent semesters
  • Promote an environment of continuous improvement and decisions based on assessment that is complemented by input from advisory committee members, industry representatives, and alumni

Contact information

Pennsylvania College of Technology
DIF 119

One College Avenue
Williamsport, PA 17701