Complete 2 associate's degrees in 5 semesters

A dual degree option exists for students in the Building Construction Technology (CB) and Building Construction Technology: Masonry Emphasis (MN) that allows students to complete both degrees in a minimum of 5 semesters.

  • Students wishing to pursue this option should enroll in the Building Construction (CB) major for their first semester at Penn College. Students may complete the two dual degrees by enrolling in the Building Construction: Masonry emphasis (MN) degree for the first semester, but it will take more than 5 semesters to complete both degree requirements.
  • The 5th semester of masonry coursework (offered only in the fall semester) requires 15 credits to satisfy the remaining program requirements for the Building Construction: Masonry emphasis (MN) degree. Students are awarded two associate’s degrees for satisfactorily completing both degree requirements.
  • Students who have developmental coursework requirements should anticipate that the completion of both degrees will extend beyond 5 semesters.
  • As students move through the Building Construction (CB) major, they may choose to not pursue the additional masonry degree. This change will not affect the expected time to complete the Building Construction Technology degree.
  • Students completing the bachelor’s degree in Residential Construction Technology and Management degree (BRC) may complete the additional associate’s degree, but are typically advised to complete the additional masonry coursework after fulfilling bachelor degree requirements. Students are encouraged to contact their Academic Advisor.

    Students should consider the benefits and drawbacks to completing the dual degree option. Students may also consider the option of transferring their dual degree into the Bachelor of Applied Technology.

    Contact the School of Construction & Design Technologies office for further information.

    Read more about dual degrees.

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