Earn & Learn (formerly the Job Location & Development (JLD) Program) is a program designed to assist students in securing off-campus employment regardless of their financial aid eligibility. The program is centered on creating real-world experiences for students that increase self-knowledge and develop marketable skills that provide a solid foundation for securing career options beyond graduation.

Benefits for Employers

Earn & Learn can help employers:

  • Meet workforce needs
  • Connect with future graduates
  • Strengthen the community

Interviews & Hiring Process

Earn & Learn acts as a clearinghouse or referral service. It puts you in touch with local employers who need part-time workers. Therefore, all interviewing and hiring is done by the employers in accordance with their own needs and hiring practices.

Types of Employers

Any for-profit or nonprofit employer is eligible to participate in this program. Earn & Learn will try to find you employment that is related to your Penn College major.


Employers will be responsible for paying all wages and related payroll costs, so how much you get paid (and when) will be up to the employers.


There are no limitations on the number of hours you can work. However, studies indicate that grades begin to suffer when full-time students work more than 20-25 hours per week. Remember, academic success should take priority over the number of hours worked.

How to Post your Positions

Contact Career Services.