Mission Statement

To broaden intellectual perspectives, develop technical skills, foster ethical sensibilities, and promote social awareness through general education and career-focused courses and degrees.

Vision Statement

A dynamic integration of the liberal arts & sciences and technology for personal and professional development.


Students will...

  1. apply critical thinking skills across a variety of disciplines, including art, mathematics, natural sciences, communication, the social sciences, and humanities.
  2. acquire skills that prepare them for lifelong learning.
  3. possess the knowledge and skills needed to engage in responsible and ethical behaviors in professional environments, in society, and in their personal lives.
  4. critically evaluate written and oral communication and ethically express themselves in ways that reflect their intended purposes.
  5. articulate their appreciation for aesthetic value.
  6. demonstrate understanding of the basic psychological, sociological, economic, philosophical, historical, and cultural dimensions of human interaction.
  7. demonstrate ability to think logically about and solve problems using quantitative skills commensurate with the demands of society and of their major course of study.
  8. use fundamental scientific concepts and thought processes commensurate with the demands of society and of their major course of study.

Department Mission, Vision & Goals

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Pennsylvania College of Technology
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