Quality Through Assessment (QTA)

As noted in the Mission Statement, the College "endeavors to create and sustain excellence in a student-centered environment...." One means of accomplishing that intent is through ongoing assessment providing for data-driven decision making. QTA continues its contributions to that end through accomplishments that include:

  • Continued focus on student learning outcomes and course-level assessments, identifying need for an alternate approach to record-keeping;
  • Reviewed results of 2012-13 Core assessments, contributing to recommendations; responded to drafts of 2011 and 2012 Core Reports;
  • Completed first step in Benchmarking initiative, examining assessment approaches in six potential peer institutions
  • Established President's Strategic Initiative Fund; and made two awards;
  • Completed review of assessment-related professional development, including revision of the Assessment Institute.

QTA Committee

The QTA Committee is drawn from faculty, staff, and administration from:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Student Affairs
  • Assessment, Research & Planning

The Committee reports directly to the College President.

The Committee's Charges (Revised 2012)
  • Draft the Annual Assessment Report and function as the collection agent of support documentation.
  • Maintain interactions and collaborations with Core Curriculum subcommittee and core goals.
  • Maintain, assess functionality, and keep current the QTA website and theĀ Penn College Plan and Process.
  • Function as the review committee for the Annual Assessment Award.

QTA Process

The chart above is a graphical representation of Penn College's institutional assessment process. As depicted, the process involves several levels of data gathering and analysis, as well as response and planning activities.

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