When you have been accepted into Penn College and have satisfied your tuition deposit, you will receive a testing notification letter from Academic Services with your assigned testing date. However, alternate testing dates are available if you have a disability and require testing accommodations. Examples of testing accommodations may include extended time, non-distracting test site, and test reader. A more complete list of accommodations as well as the list of dates for testing with accommodations is available on the Disability Services website.

To receive testing accommodations during one of the alternate dates, contact the Disability Services Office immediately after receiving your testing notification letter to discuss your testing needs and to reschedule your test date.

If documentation of your disability (required for accommodations as an enrolled student) has not yet been submitted, placement testing accommodations can be arranged based on a verbal history of the testing accommodations you received during high school.

Off-site Testing

Accommodated testing is available to students testing off-site. Please contact Disability Services prior to requesting off-site testing to discuss your needs.