Off-site Testing Overview, Criteria & Deadlines

As a prospective student, you have the option of requesting to take placement tests off-site, at a location close to home. To be approved for off-site testing you will need to make arrangements that meet the criteria explained below.

Important Deadline!

Spring 2014
December 2 is the last day to submit a request for off-site testing for enrollment in the Spring 2014 semester. No requests will be accepted after that date. If you are unable to meet the deadline, you will be required to take placement tests on campus.

Proctor Criteria

One of the main roles of the placement test proctor is to ensure the integrity of the testing process. Therefore, in order to be approved for testing, you must choose a proctor who is affiliated with an educational institution or a testing organization such as the following:

Teachers, principals, counselors, librarians, professors, and testing center officials are all considered suitable proctors. If you have questions about the suitability of your proctor, contact Academic Services and First Year Programs.

Testing Location Criteria & Technical Requirements

In addition to securing an acceptable proctor, it is also important that you take your tests in a suitable environment. The following are acceptable testing locations:

Your testing location must be equipped with a computer that meets technical requirements. Failure to meet technical requirements may result in inability to access placement tests.

Students who are unable to meet all criteria listed above will be required to take placement tests on Penn College’s campus.