Robbin Smith's Story

Forestry Student Named to US Advisory Council

Robbin SmithI would be honored to be in your new book, Legacy of Leaders.

When I graduated from the Williamsport Area Community College in 1976, I remained in the Williamsport area. I was on the Community Education Advisory Council for almost a year after graduation. My last year on the advisory council was spent mostly in Washington DC working with others in finalizing the grant application process for the program.

I later worked for The Hemlock Girl Scout Council as a field director and regional program director.

I married a wonderful man and then, a few years later, became a mother. We have been married for over 30 years. My greatest accomplishment has been as a wife and mother of our son. I also became a step mom and friend to 3 great kids and currently have 6 grandchildren. It has been the best of times so far.

I would be honored to be in your new book Legacy of Leaders

I have found that being on the Community Education Advisory Council was a unique opportunity. It allowed me to visit schools and programs across the country as well as meet people involved with the community education programs in their areas. While working with the Girl Scouts, I had the opportunity to meet some of these people a second time.

My field of study, forestry, was the education of a lifetime. While I did not find a job in the field, that education has always followed me. I have always felt I was ahead of the times.

I currently work for John Savoy and Son, Inc. in sales and marketing as well as logistics. We manufacture furniture for colleges, universities, and military bases across America. I have been with Savoy for almost 19 years. It has been both challenging and rewarding. I can honestly say I love my job!

I am looking forward to retirement in a few years and we are planning to do a great deal of traveling across the country. We have started to map out our course.

Thank you for your interest and good luck with your book.


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